1. The REGISTRATION and LISTING of your products are completely free if you are manufacturer.

2. The ONLINE MARKETING of your company and products are also free if you are manufacturer.

3. It is compulsory to DISPATCH any order within 24 working hours from the time of placement of the order.

4. A seller will have to dispatch through Agripari DELIVERY MODE

5. A commission FEE of 10% of sales price will be charged if you select agripari Delivery Mode.

6. Seller will issue bill including GST on buyer name. Seller must know all legal frame work before dispatching products to client.

7. If a seller fails to dispatch the order within 48 working hours from the date of placement of order, and it happens consecutive 3 times the account will be deactivated.

8.The PAYMENT CYCLE  will be after the product is delivered to client when invoice is received by us (When product dispatched, provide one copy of invoice to customer of sell value with parcel and another copy to us)and it will be directly transferred to the Bank account provided by the seller at the time of registration

9. The seller will be solely responsible for LISTING OF THE PRODUCTS and the QUALITY OF THE IMAGES. If any seller wants any kind of assistance then it is available from 9.30 AM to 7.00 PM.

10 A seller is bound to accept a RETURN of any of its order within 7 days from received of product to client. Courier charges will bear by Agripari if “Agripari Shipped Mode” selected in case of return of product.

11. If there is any DAMAGE in the transit in delivering the product to the customers or in return the damage will be only bear by Agripari when the seller opts for Agripari Delivery mode, otherwise for Personal Delivery Mode any damages in transit will be bear by the seller himself. Product packing must be very strong and perfect, If product is damaged by lack of better packaging seller will be responsible for refund and charges.

12.  The quantity and product should not differ from the orders.

13. If any seller is found to open any DUPLICATE SELLER ACCOUNT than all of his account will be deactivated and he will be banned forever from his selling privileges and all his payments will be settled after 90 days from the day of deactivation.

14. If any of product which having moving part or product which cannot checked without use and if that product returned by client due to fault in product then seller have to accept that product.

all disputes are subject to Ahmedabad jurisdiction only

 *Above terms and conditions may change anytime with or without prior notice.